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Kids helping kids. How awesome is that?

India's only media lab created for and powered by kids.

Helping kids across India turn ideas into actions and make their communities a better place to live. 


We're Kid Powered Media

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We exist at the intersection of the creative arts, development, media, technology and Bollywood. 

It's here you can design educational programs for kids that work much more effectively at solving the problems most important to kids, their families, friends and communities.

They work because you can put the kids in-charge.

Our Media Lab produces some of India's best educational content and programs.

Community Challenges use our process to let thousands of kids, helped by their teachers, create a local change in their community.

The Kid Powered Network reaches tens of thousands of kids sharing amazing educational content on screens big and small.

We want to connect with tens of thousands more. 

The Platform of Awesomeness 

Kid Powered Clubs

Kid Powered Clubs

Kid Powered Network

Kid Powered Network

Kid Powered Community Challenges

Kid Powered Community Challenges

As you can see, we're almost there! None of the links are active yet (sorry!) but will be in the coming days. We're super excited to get this site online and be able to share with you our organization, programs, successes and especially the amazing media and change the kids have created.


The KPM team