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Kids helping kids. How awesome is that?

India's only media lab created for and powered by kids.

Helping kids across India turn ideas into actions and make their communities a better place to live. 


We're Kid Powered Media

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We spark community change, enabled by media and powered by kids.

We exist at the intersection of the creative arts, development, media, technology and Bollywood. 

It’s here where you can collaborate with kids to create content, curriculums and programs that more effectively help young people really learn about the complex issues they face growing up. 

It also allows kids to turn what they learn into actions.


> Our Media Lab produces some of India's best educational content and programs.

Community Challenges use our design process to let thousands of kids, helped by their teachers, create a local change in their community.

> The Kid Powered Network reaches tens of thousands of kids sharing amazing educational content and workshops on screens big and small.


India's Best Educational Media By and For Kids.

And it's all Bollywood, obviously...


Work with a small number of kids very deeply. Teach them everything you know about media, the arts, storytelling, critical thinking and problem solving. Give them the platform they need to identify, research and take action on the issues most important to them. Help them create media that makes their voice loud and compelling. Support them in leading campaigns inside their communities that measurably shift peoples knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards social issues.

These are our Kid Powered Clubs. Empowered groups of amazing young people who help Kid Powered Media discover the voice to authentically and compellingly communicate with tens of thousands of young people across India. 

Whether it's through the phone in your pocket, our network of NGO partners or an entire community using our mobile movie theatre, there really isn't any place we can't get our movies. 

And now with our movie themed issue specific workshop kits, NGOs and teachers from across India can easily use the supporting material, media, games and activities to build on our films and ensure their students leave their classroom with the knowledge they need on the issues they face.


We think every young person in India is capable of identifying one nudge that would make their community a better, safer and healthier place to live.

Our community change kits use our design process to allow kids to become community change makers. To take what they’ve learned from our workshops and take action in their homes, street and neighbourhoods. Local change needs local context and content so our design process allows kids to create targeted campaigns using media they themselves have created. 

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Kid Powered Media

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