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Excite Challenges


Let's kick some social issue butt!

Classroom learning and community action toolkits will never be the same again


Key Features

Masters of Action

Applied Learning

Helping kids turn their ideas into actions and make their communities a better, safer and healthier place to live.

Change Challenges

Celebrating Community Changes Made By Kids

Teams of kids compete with their peers across Delhi. The winners are crowned change champions.

Customised Tools

The whole process really is Kid Powered

Classroom resources, educational films and tailor-made campaigns – made by kids, for kids.

How It Works


India's Best Educational Media by and for Kids

WATCH is the spark -  Bollywood-style educational films which engage, teach, inspire and entertain. 


Fun and effective classroom workshops

LEARN is all about knowledge - all the materials and activities teachers need to help students develop a solid understanding of social issues


Turning learning into community action

ACT is about expanding the impact - kids, supported by their teachers, take local action in their community. KPM turns kids’ ideas and messages into customized community media campaigns.