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Mad About Khan

The greatest Bollywood film on hand washing ever made!

Produced in partnership with Chintan, Manzil, Salaam Baalak Trust, Swechha and Vidya the film was written, acted in and directed by the amazing kids of these NGOs.

With comedy, action and a fair dose of Shahrukh Khan, the film is an entertaining and extremely engaging way of helping kids across India learn when, how and why to wash their hands.

Film Synopsis:

We all have a dream. Rahul's is to become a Bollywood star. Today he will get that chance. But he will learn that in life it is often the small things we don't think are important which can have the biggest impact.


The making of Mad About Khan

Behind The Scenes

Inside The Actors Studio

To find out what the kids learned during the filming of Mad About Khan, we did what we always do: we put the kids in charge! They interviewed each other and gave their feedback.

Behind The Scenes Photography (shot by the kids obviously)