The Kid Powered Media Project

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The Kid Powered Media Project was an experimental research project by Salaam Baalak Trust.

Using media, technology and design thinking the projects goal was to discover how these new tools could enable NGOs to create more effective learning programs on the social challenges facing disadvanataged young people and their communities.

  • Can media and technology improve how compellingly we communicate with communities?
  • By collaborating with the kids themselves to discover their own solutions to local challenges, do messages have better context and authenticity?
  • How can we better help kids turn classroom knowledge into local community action?
  • Would a participatory and media based learning project achieve greater results than previous projects?

Project Highlights

Bollywood Educational Films

Acted in, written by and directed with kids.
India’s best educational films on social issues

A library of amazing educational content, by and for kids, available for NGOs across India to use in their classrooms

Delhi’s first portable outdoor movie theatre
Brining the cinema (and our educational films) to every slum community 

Media based classroom learning programs for NGOs
Building on our films, these programs gave teachers the classroom tools they needed to go deeper and made it easy to teach their students the fundamentals of these complicated issues

Community Change Challenges
Giving kids the opportunity to turn learning into action. A city wide compeititon to bring kid powered community solutions to life


The project connected with tens of thousands of kids, giving them the chance to learn about and take action on issues such as girls’ safety, the environemnt, child marriage and handwashing.

What the project leaves behind is an incredible library of content and programs that are freely available to NGOs and classrooms across India. Content that is much more effective at engaging young people about social issues and classroom programs that really help kids learn and take action - to create and bring to life kid powered answers.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the project possible.

Contact us at to find out how to access the free library of content.