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Kid Powered Media

We are the masters of action.

We create curricula which help young people learn about and take action on the social issues they face.

Classroom learning and community change. Enabled by media. Powered by kids.


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Social issues must be a part of education. Because they are the issues that keep kids from education.


> They Are Things Kids Have The Hardest Time Learning About
> The Topics Teachers Have the Most Difficult Time Teaching


We're changing all that! 
Here's how.



We run India's only media lab created for and powered by kids.

The young people who are a part of it identify, research, create and prototype all of the programs our partners use.

We really are kid powered! It's the reason our programs work so well.


40+ Partners, 100+ communities, 75 000+ kids and growing.

India's Best Educational Media By and For Kids.

Whether it's through the phone in your pocket, our network of NGO partners or an entire community using our mobile movie theatre, there really isn't any place we can't get our movies. 

And it's all Bollywood, obviously...

Classroom Learning

Movie themed issue specific workshop kits give NGOs and teachers across India the supporting material, media, games and activities to build on our films and ensure their students leave their classroom with the knowledge they need on the issues they face.


Community Action

Turning kids ideas into actions and making communities a better, safer and healthier place to live.

Community Challenges build on our issue based media and classroom workshops. Kids, supported by their teachers, identify a local change they want to make, come up with a local solution and then use media they create to make the change happen


Kid Powered Media

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